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Redfall Review

Redfall has a simple premise: kill vampires and stop the threat they pose to a small town in Massachusetts. This simplicity runs through every aspect of the game, whether that’s the story or gameplay. Arkane Studios games are typically known for their indirect storytelling approach, their meticulously detailed locales, and generally flexible game and level design, but Redfall foregoes a lot of these elements for a mostly straightforward story, a simple open-world town, and more rigid quests.

That’s not to say Redfall doesn’t have that identifiable Arkane art style, general aesthetic, and overall vibe, but it’s more of an “Arkane-lite” title than something akin to Deathloop or Prey. It’s not without its own mysteries either, but whereas Deathloop left a lot of questions up in the air, players will feel like Redfall checks every box by the end, leaving nothing to the imagination. Prior to launch, the developer described Redfall as something more like Far Cry than Left 4 Dead, and that rings true.

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Redfall is split into two, smaller open-world maps, and it’s worth knowing that players cannot return to the first map once they leave until they start a new game. Each is filled with interesting landmarks, safehouses, side quests, and lore bits, and perhaps the best part is that players will always find something at every turn. Whether exploring the exposed seafloor at the edge of Redfall or delving through a neighborhood, there will be something worthwhile to find. Several locations are locked by keys that players must find and there’s perhaps a little too much rummaging around in the dark looking for these, but it’s a solid open-world design nonetheless.

Of course, players are going to encounter enemies at every turn. Redfall’s enemies are largely split into three factions: cultists, Bellwether operators, and vampires. The first two groups can be…


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