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Ravenlok Review

Indie studio Cococucumber’s first voxel game was Riverbond, a co-op action RPG that earned mixed reviews from critics. It followed that up with Echo Generation, an RPG with serious Stranger Things vibes that was decidedly more well-received. The third and final game in Cococucumber’s voxel trilogy is now upon us in the form of Ravenlok, an action-adventure game that is easily the developer’s best work to date.

Ravenlok retains the 3D voxel graphics of Cococucumber’s previous efforts, utilizing the distinct art style to great effect. Every inch of the game looks fantastic, from the brightly-lit farmhouse that players start in to the more fantastical world of Wonderland where the bulk of the adventure takes place. Ravenlok is a twist on the classic Alice in Wonderland tale, with the titular protagonist chosen to save the bizarre creatures living in Wonderland from the evil queen.
Combat in Ravenlok is basic as it gets. Early on, players get their hands on a sword and a shield, though since most enemies stand there and wait to get hit, the shield is fairly pointless. As players progress through the story, they unlock new abilities that expand their combat repertoire. There’s never any real challenge to the fighting, so these special moves exist simply so players can defeat enemies faster.

Ravenlok players get feathers for defeating enemies which can then be spent to upgrade one’s stats, making things even easier. Since enemies respawn and the feather payouts are generous, players can cheese the whole game by moving back and forth between screens, farming enemies, and becoming unstoppable as a result. However, the game is so easy as it is that this isn’t necessary in the slightest.

Ravenlok combat never really challenges the player, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t fun to be had with it. It works on a power fantasy level, making players feel unstoppable as they smack away the various monsters…


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