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Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Review

With the weight of decades bearing down upon the franchise, not to mention re-release after re-release, it’s a small wonder that the 6 games contained in Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster can still be made relevant, interesting, and palatable to modern audiences. Nevertheless, that’s just what’s been done. The games have not received major overhauls, but the versions presented in Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster are a culmination of the many different editions preceding it.

Pixel Remaster is a collection of the first 6 Final Fantasy games from the 8-bit and 16-bit eras. These games represent the franchise’s formative work, when it went from what was basically an adaptation of tabletop RPGs like D&D to something wholly its own and hugely influential in its own right. The first six games saw the birth of many recurring elements, from Chocobos to a guy named Cid, as well as the series’ penchant for constantly innovating its core systems. The evolution of storytelling across these six titles is significant, and one of the most interesting parts of a historical collection like this – from the bare bones and nonsensical narrative of Final Fantasy 1, to the mature and complex drama of Final Fantasy 6.

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These early games remain iconic, Final Fantasy 6 with its infamous main antagonist standing out as one of the most lauded JRPGs of all time. Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster cleans up and rebalances these artifacts, and adds some great new features, all the while managing to retain their retro charm.

The collection does not disappoint; far and away, the changes are positive and better the experience but some sacrifices are made. Content added for previous editions is cut, and repeated retooling has resulted in a hodgepodge collection of old, new, and awkwardly outmoded. The skeletons of obsolete…


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