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Tron: Identity Review

Since the world of Tron was introduced in 1982 with the original movie release, the digital world of programs and users has always been ripe for further exploration. A smattering of movies, books, and video games over the years has delved into various aspects of its world with varying degrees of success, and now developer Bithell Games is adding its own original story into the electronic cityscape with the interactive visual novel Tron: Identity. The game contains a lot of what makes a visual novel good but also feels constrained by its nature as a short story and limited locales to visit. Fans of everything Tron will find an enjoyable experience for a few hours, but anyone not a fan of the IP or visual novels likely won’t find much to keep their attention.

Set in a city far away from the movies, but with the knowledge and influences of what occurred within them, the player is introduced to the dark neon world as Query, a member of the Disciples of Tron. Their only function as programs is the pursuit of truth, and as digital detectives, players will face choices and consequences that may or may not alter everything. It’s an interactive mystery with multiple endings that does a decent job of pulling players into the world of Tron, though some users will struggle with the restrictions required to change the outcome of the truncated story. Tron: Identity feels like another glimpse of what exploring the world of Tron away from Clu or either of the Flynns, father or son, would be like. It’s a tantalizing peek at a vast world filled with its own unique set of problems and societal issues.

Although it only takes a few hours to complete the first playthrough, Tron: Identity has an enjoyable and intriguing story for users to unravel. A mystery that unfolds slowly at first, but increases speed just beyond the halfway point. Being spoiler free is nigh impossible when touching on what makes the story…


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