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Minecraft Legends Review

At first glance, it can be difficult to pinpoint just what Minecraft Legends is or what to expect from it. It has all the familiar elements that fans have come to expect from Minecraft, including its resource-gathering and building gameplay core, blocky-but-beautiful landscapes, and procedurally generated underbelly that fuels the whole experience. But that is all simply the foundation of what Mojang considers to be an “action-strategy” game with Minecraft Legends.

“Action-strategy” is certainly a niche genre, with few titles to point to as pillars. As a flag-bearer of sorts for this smaller subset of games, Minecraft Legends will have players wage war on The Nether’s forces and stand side-by-side with an army of classic mobs that they built up in a series of grand battles. Players will also spend plenty of time planning, building, and strategizing their war effort to save the Overworld from the invading Piglins, much in the same vein as popular RTS games like Command and Conquer. Minecraft Legends attempts to do a lot with the influences that it’s taking from and manages to be a compelling action-strategy game in its own right, but it does feel like it could have done more with its Minecraft foundations.

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Like Minecraft Dungeons before it, Minecraft Legends keeps things light regarding the story. In short, the forces of The Nether have overrun the Overworld, and it’s up to the player character to unite the Overworld’s citizens in the fight against the Piglin invaders. The story’s cast is small and comprised of three main characters named Foresight, Action, and Knowledge, who aid the player with brief exposition and general warnings about what is coming next in the Piglin invasion. As always, Minecraft is about the story that players tell organically, and Minecraft Legends does a great job of getting…


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