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Hot Wheels: Rift Rally Review

Hot Wheels: Rift Rally may not be the future of racing games, but it is a unique offshoot of it. Taking advantage of AR technology, Hot Wheels: Rift Rally combines a real-life remote control car and available living room space to create an experience that is surprisingly fun for the whole family.

The Hot Wheels: Rift Rally package retails for $130 and includes the Chameleon car, a set of four gates, and a digital copy of the game. With a camera mounted on its hood, the Chameleon is the obvious star of the show, but it doesn’t reveal its full potential until setup is complete. After syncing the car to the game – a fairly easy process using Wi-Fi – the game will run through a series of tutorials that explain how everything works before setting players loose on a series of self-created tracks.

Using the AR camera mounted on its hood, the Chameleon RC car acts like the driving perspective of any racing game. The game itself transforms specific things that the camera sees into different objects, starting first with the design of the car and the gates, but it also can put obstacles and environmental touches onto the tracks as well. As the car is driving through the track on the screen, the Chameleon is literally making those same moves on the ground.

Within the game, there are different tracks to choose from, which transform those four gates with a different theme. Players are encouraged to make the track as complex as possible by arranging the gates in unique orientations, but the confines of the experience are apparent. Without a lot of space, there is only so much that Hot Wheels: Rift Rally can offer in terms of different twists and turns. However, most gamers will be initially delighted by the novel concepts on display, and even those who aren’t playing will have fun watching the RC car zoom through the space.

Stunt mode takes away the AR gates and allows the player to perform…


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