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WWE 2K23 Review

WWE 2K20 was disastrous enough that WWE reportedly entertained the idea of partnering with another company for its future video games, and so the decision was made to give the developers extra time to make WWE 2K22 as good as it could be and get the franchise back on track. WWE 2K22 was the reinvention that the series desperately needed, but it was unclear if WWE 2K23 could keep the momentum going strong after switching back to an annual release schedule.

WWE 2K23 isn’t a complete reinvention in the way WWE 2K22 was, but instead takes what was established in last year’s installment and improves on it. Basically, every game mode and feature in WWE 2K22 is back in WWE 2K23 but expanded with more options. The result is a deeper, more content-rich wrestling game that is the best the series has been in years.
This is readily apparent in the returning MyGM mode, a clear step up from last year’s bare-bones iteration. Prospective general managers have more options when it comes to what kind of matches they can book, and there are actually mid-card titles this time around. Additionally, WWE 2K23 has expanded MyGM to allow for four players, with one of the brand options being none other than WCW, though WCW’s integration leaves something to be desired.

It’s cool that WWE 2K23 MyGM lets players run WCW as Eric Bischoff, but it doesn’t feel like authentic WCW. Instead of iconic WCW pay-per-views, players have to book for WWE premium live events. Instead of the actual WCW Women’s Championship, the game uses a tweaked version of the old WWE Women’s Championship with WCW plates slapped onto it. The Big Gold Belt, aka the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, isn’t even used as the promotion’s world title like it was at the peak of its popularity. It’s a bit disappointing, though it’s still nice that WCW is one of the brands players can choose from in MyGM sessions.

Having Raw, SmackDown, NXT, NXT 2.0, and WCW to choose from for 4-player…


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