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Have a Nice Death Review

The 2D action roguelike category of games is densely populated these days, especially as an influx of new indie titles over the last few years has continued to delight old and new fans alike. As such, it takes a little extra something to not only survive but flourish in one of gaming’s oldest genres. Have a Nice Death manages to slice through the crowded field with gorgeous visuals, a plethora of weapons and spells, and fun boss and mini-boss fights that are difficult but somehow remain entertaining even after repeated play-throughs. It succeeds in standing out as a deeply enjoyable and rare treat, and Have a Nice Death should be added to most gamers’ must-play list of titles launching during the month of March.

Although the main story crafted by developer Magic Design Studios starts off feeling pretty simplistic, the game’s lore and story still manage to keep one’s attention and become much deeper than what is seen at first glance. Death is tired of the non-stop killing he has to do and decides to give the task to various department heads of his company Death Inc., only to find that they are too eager with this task and almost bury Death underneath a mountain of paperwork. Feeling burnt out and rejecting the nitty-gritty work of pushing papers all day, Death decides to take his subordinates to task for their behavior.

Before too long, players will get hints that something else is afoot as well, adding more reasons to keep slaying while traversing the many floors of Death’s company. Players should be prepared for the live, die, repeat gameplay loop all while trying to discover the game’s various side missions alongside the main story. It might be basic at its core, but it will still manage to keep players engaged while choosing which level or difficulty setting to battle through and stays fun while trying to find the game’s multiple endings.

The art style of the game might seem almost too ‘cutesy’ at first glance,…


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