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Hogwarts Legacy Review

Ever since the Harry Potter franchise exploded in popularity in the late 90s, fans have been dreaming of getting their Hogwarts letter and visiting the magical school for their own adventures. That’s possible now thanks to Hogwarts Legacy, an open world Harry Potter action-RPG that sends players to Hogwarts as fifth-year students with peculiar abilities.

After creating their character, Hogwarts Legacy players are thrust into the Wizarding World with an exciting opening cut-scene that establishes the game’s core mystery and introduces some of its principal characters. Hogwarts Legacy players take on the role of a new Hogwarts student who has a strange connection to a powerful form of ancient magic. They find themselves mentored by Professor Fig, who aims to help them solve the mystery behind their unique abilities. In the meantime, players have to attend classes at Hogwarts, deal with the threat of a goblin rebellion, and master a variety of helpful spells.
Hogwarts Legacy wastes little time getting players their first spells, which include the basic Lumos to light dark areas and Levioso to levitate objects. While spells are used to great effect in combat, they really shine when used for puzzle solving. Some of the most fun in Hogwarts Legacy is figuring out which spell one needs to use to get through an obstacle, whether it’s fixing a broken bridge using Repairo, casting Alohomora to pick locks, or using Revelio to find secret paths. The dungeons in the game feature all kinds of puzzles that require using multiple spells to solve, and so it’s necessary for players to remember everything they have at their disposal.

There have been some concerns that Hogwarts Legacy’s relatively low number of spells compared to other games would be a problem, but that’s not the case at all. Hogwarts Legacy has 23 spells, with players able to have up to 16 equipped at any given time. This gives players a lot of options when flinging spells…


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