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Dust & Neon Review

There are only a few games that truly capture the essence of being a legendary gunslinger in the wild west. It’s a task that normally takes a convincing cast or immersive setting, but Dust & Neon obtains this through a different route. Instead, Dust & Neon leads with rich, meticulous gameplay that demands attention to each decision’s benefits and downsides, and adds the finishing touch with a unique twist on the twin-stick shooter genre.

Developed by David Marquardt Studios, Dust & Neon is a top-down twin-stick shooter rogue lite that places the player in the shoes of an unnamed cowboy with only one job: eradicate the western robots that have overrun society. After a brief introduction to the mad scientist who brought the gunslinger back to life, the player will quickly be thrown into the western setting with a revolver as their only companion.

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The game’s core structure is built around its map, which is split into four separate locations that spawn random missions to rob trains and destroy enemy bases or supplies. The goal of each mission is to gather enough experience points to eventually challenge the boss of that region and, once defeated, move to the next location to do the same.

While the premise might sound generic, Dust & Neon separates itself from other twin-stick shooters with its approach to gun mechanics and resource management. The player will only have access to three types of weapons: a revolver, shotgun, and rifle. Each weapon has a limited supply of ammo and must be manually reloaded between every emptied round.

This creates a level of interactivity and immersion that many twin-stick shooters lack, as players will have to thoughtfully dismantle their enemies based on their ammo count and reload time. On top of managing this, Dust & Neon utilizes a cover system that helps recreate shootouts based on a hint of realism.

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