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Monster Hunter Rise PS5 Review

Roughly two years after its initial launch, Monster Hunter Rise is finally coming out on PlayStation and Xbox consoles. The latest mainline installment in Capcom’s incredibly popular series was released on Switch back in 2021 and PC the following year, but now is finally making its way to PlayStation and Xbox Series consoles with a robust suite of graphics options that cater towards a variety of players. The result is a fantastic port that runs amazingly no matter what settings are turned on.

Much like other installments in the series, the plot of Monster Hunter Rise is fairly thin. Players take control of a hunter from Kamura Village and they hunt monsters. This is in service of the small settlement that has been besieged by monsters for years, and with each successful hunt, the Hunter inches closer to rising in rank, granting the ability to take on more powerful foes.

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There isn’t much in the way of cutscenes, with many of them dedicated to setting up the monsters, but what is here is told well. Each new monster is set up with a short poem, like an old story that highlights threats lurking in the wilds. It’s an effective way of establishing the game’s tone and showcasing the challenges ahead. The same can be said of the overarching narrative because it does largely serve as a method to set up fighting the most powerful foes while at the same time giving more personality to characters the player regularly sees in Kamura Village. Monster Hunter has never attempted to have a deeply rich narrative with complicated characters, and Rise is much the same because the story does what it needs to lead players into the parts of the game that matter.

Hunting monsters is what lies at the core of Monster Hunter Rise, and it does a stellar job building upon the improvements made by Monster Hunter World. Many fundamental basics from previous games…


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