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Knock On The Coffin Lid Review

Knock on the Coffin Lid is an intriguing visual delight brought to us by a small indie studio, Redboon. It’s a turn-based Card Game with Roguelike elements that offers an impressive amount of customization and replayability. The 2d art and design is beautifully crafted, and the simple animations give light to the gloomy atmosphere.

If you’re looking for a dark adventure to uncover the mystery of your untimely death, look no further and be awoken from your eternal slumber by a knock at your coffin.

The game briefly and vaguely presents its dark story to you as you are quickly launched into an adventure. Knock on the Coffin Lid is set in a dark fantasy land full of Dwarves, Orcs, Elves, Humans, and other races that are in constant battle with each other. The Lord Ingvar had been recently slain attempting to restore order to the lands, along with the main characters.
The entire picture is slowly uncovered piece by piece as you battle, die, and loot your way through a series of branching pathways on the map. With every new match, a new part of the story is discovered as you try to put together the history of the lands and the reasoning for your untimely demise and reanimation.

This method of storytelling can, at times, be a little confusing to follow as it feels as though you’ve been thrust into a tale already in motion with little exposition to guide you.


Much like the story, players are launched straight into gameplay with little explanation. Thankfully, the combat mechanics are simple and easy enough to understand at first, and as you progress you’ll add more cards to your deck and equipment to your character to allow for some more interesting plays. There is a fair amount of complexity and variety that leads to wanting to have a deeper understanding of the mechanics in order to truly master the game.

As of this review, there are 3 playable characters that each offer more elements of gameplay and…


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