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Dead Space Remake Review

In 2008, Visceral Games released Dead Space, a sci-fi survival-horror game that played like Resident Evil 4 in space. Dead Space was an immediate hit, spawning a media franchise and becoming one of the most beloved survival-horror games of its generation. Dead Space 2 was similarly well-received, though things got off the rails a bit with Dead Space 3, to the point where EA ultimately decided to put the franchise on ice. No new Dead Space game has been seen in a decade, but now the franchise is back with an excellent remake of the original game.

Dead Space is not a 1:1 remake. It delivers an experience that is near-identical to the 2008 original in many respects, but with a slew of notable changes. For example, the original Dead Space had a divisive segment where players manned a turret to destroy incoming asteroids that has been significantly altered in the remake. The turret is gone completely, and in its place is a segment where Isaac has to actually venture outside the USG Ishimura to calibrate the ship’s targeting system. Necromorphs breathing down his neck and an ever-depleting oxygen supply ensure that there’s a great deal of tension in this reworked section of the game, meaning few will be sad to see the turret go.

Players will also discover that the Dead Space remake completely reworks Zero-G sections. The Dead Space remake takes its cues from Dead Space 2 and 3 when it comes to Zero-G, allowing Isaac to freely fly around whenever he finds himself in a no-gravity situation. This gives players the opportunity to approach familiar challenges from a different angle, and also helps to make certain areas much more fun than they were in the 2008 version.

There are other changes hardcore Dead Space fans will notice when making their way through the remake but perhaps the biggest difference between the remake and the 2008 game is that Isaac now has a voice, necessitating new dialogue that in turn results in expanded lore…


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