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A Letter to the Future Review

The second release from Scavengers Studio, Season: A Letter to the Future, offers a very different experience from the developer’s 2020 battle royale, Darwin Project. Season will be categorized by many as a walking, or rather biking, simulator and will unfortunately likely get overlooked for that reason alone. However, those who delve into the indie game will find themselves on a generally enjoyable, albeit slow-paced, journey into a thought-provoking world.

The developers behind Season clearly had a message they wanted to send, but it’s delivered in a vague enough way that players are left to draw their own conclusions about its meaning. The game is about memory and time, the dangers of dwelling in the past, and the importance of thinking about the future, and even encourages considerations about death. The result is an experience filled with nostalgia, wistfulness, and a touch of regret. That being said, Season will probably only appeal to a certain type of player, one who doesn’t mind becoming a little moody and pensive.

The game follows a silent protagonist who ventures outside of her isolated village after a friend predicts the imminent end of the current season. This is a daunting endeavor because nobody has left the village in decades, as the outside world is a dangerous place where people tend to lose themselves, mentally if not physically. But the main character feels compelled to document the world around her — using an audio recorder, a camera, and her drawing skills — before the season ends in the hopes of creating a record for posterity.

Just what these seasons are exactly is a mystery, but they’re a foundational element of this world and people can live through several seasons in their lifetime. While at first glance it seems very similar to the real world, Season definitely does not take place on Earth, or perhaps it is set far in the past or future when different universal laws apply. Because the…


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