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The Callisto Protocol Review

In 2008, EA launched the original Dead Space to rave reviews, with the game going on to become one of the most beloved sci-fi horror titles of all time. Despite the acclaim surrounding Dead Space and its immediate sequel, the franchise died off after the lackluster Dead Space 3 and has been dormant for nearly a decade. While EA has announced plans to move forward with a full-blown Dead Space remake, franchise co-creator Glen Schofield isn’t waiting around. Schofield and his team at Striking Distance Studios have created a Dead Space spiritual successor in The Callisto Protocol that borrows heavily from EA’s franchise while also firmly establishing its own unique identity.

In The Callisto Protocol, players take on the role of Jacob Lee, who finds himself falsely imprisoned at Black Iron Prison right when a mysterious outbreak starts mutating people into horrific monsters. Lee uses the chaos to escape his cell and soon aligns himself with other inmates in an attempt to get out alive, all the while trying to discover the truth behind the outbreak. Callisto Protocol’s story borrows heavily from survival-horror cliches, so longtime fans of the genre should be able to predict how it all turns out, but the acting by Josh Duhamel, Karen Fukuhara, and Sam Witwer helps elevate the material. That being said, don’t go in expecting anything groundbreaking from the story and be prepared for an unsatisfying ending, as the developers leave a lot of loose ends to set up sequels.

The Callisto Protocol’s story is fairly by the numbers, but players will still find themselves invested in it because of the great acting by its stars and its jaw-dropping visuals. The Callisto Protocol looks tremendous, with highly-detailed environments and near-flawless character models. Callisto Protocol’s monsters are incredibly impressive as well, with one in particular that stands out but is best left mysterious to preserve the experience.

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