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Kukoos: Lost Pets Review

Kukoos: Lost Pets is a new 3D platformer aimed toward a younger audience with its visual style, simple story, and cute characters, but quickly falters due to technical issues and bugs. Even the addition of pets that are both invaluable and necessary to the game’s mechanics can’t help it overcome these woes, despite developer PetitFabrik and publisher Modus Games creating a gorgeous place for players to explore.

Kukoos: Lost Pets begins with an introduction to the Kukoos, creatures that resemble square-shaped primates that can wear clothes. It is the Kukoos’ ‘Pet Day’, a celebration and competition of pets with the goal of finding the most amazing pet on their island. Not surprisingly, the celebration quickly goes awry, and the Kukoos’ pets become brainwashed by their new collars and become hostile to their owners. Players are tasked with traveling through a variety of locations to save the pets by knocking off and destroying the collars to restore the pets to their natural state. Each pet has an ability that helps or is required to traverse each area, such as a Light-bug that illuminates caves or a block-like creature that expands into a climbable platform for reaching higher-up places. The game is designed around them only being helpful in the specific levels you find them in, but it is unfortunate players don’t have access to more than one at a time.

The story is simple and unproblematic, and while uncomplicated stories aren’t necessarily bad, it lacks a hook to draw users into the game world. There are no backstories to any characters, nor is there anything about the land the Kukoos inhabit other than a lonely island on a water-filled world. As Kukoos: Lost Pets is skewed towards a younger demographic, its storytelling methods make sense, and it stays easy to follow. Character designs are simple as well, with the Kukoos dressed in various clothing styles that add a certain amount of charm to each one. None will…


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