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The Devil in Me Review

Supermassive Games’ Dark Pictures Anthology began with Man of Medan in 2019, and its first season comes to an end this year with The Devil in Me. As a whole, the first season of the Dark Pictures Anthology has had its ups and downs, but The Devil in Me brings it to a powerful end with an intriguing plot, an excellent approach to horror, solid gameplay, and a satisfying end, no matter which players earn.

In The Dark Pictures: The Devil in Me, players take on the role of a group of documentary filmmakers that is working on a docuseries based on H.H. Holmes. Historically known as America’s first serial killer, Holmes is believed to have killed 200+ in urban myths that pervaded American culture at the time, and the game treats this historical sensationalism as fact. The filmmakers travel to a modern-day replica of Holmes’ “Murder Castle,” and any horror fan can predict what happens from there.
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What’s interesting though is the sheer power of the Murder Castle, as it serves as the perfect, unnerving setting for the franchise. Players quickly learn not everything is as it seems, and getting lost in the Murder Castle is part of the experience. The beauty and deadliness of the setting certainly elevate the game, but it’s not restricted to just this either. Players have access to a handful of other locations, particularly in the opening and final acts, and it creates a certain sense of fear. Isolation is nothing new in horror games, but the setting of Dark Pictures: The Devil in Me perfects this.

The setting’s atmosphere is reinforced by and, in turn, supports The Devil in Me’s overarching plot. It is definitely the best within the anthology and, arguably, among the best within the horror game genre too. On the one hand, it feels like something written for folks who are obsessed with true crime television series, while the game wears its horror movie inspirations on…


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