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McPixel 3 Review

Throwbacks to the games of bygone eras have become common in recent years, and McPixel 3 joins them as a parody of Sierra adventure games in the style of WarioWare’s microgames. It is a curious blend that carries potential and since the game keenly focuses on the humor as opposed to a coherent story, being funny is crucial for everything to work.

While the eclectic blend of these genres sounds interesting on paper, the core loop of rapidly solving puzzles in increasingly bizarre ways is the only part of the game holding it together. The emphasis on outlandish humor McPixel 3 takes can lead to some charming and creative scenarios, but a lack of sound effects makes the better parts of its physical comedy fall flat and an overuse of juvenile humor makes some scenes cringe-worthy.
McPixel 3 is the sequel to 2012’s McPixel, and it follows the titular character as he gets into a series of life-or-death scenarios that have to be solved rapidly in MacGyver-esque ways. This often involves a bomb or some other explosive, but various kinds of threats including forest fires, drivers on the road, and giant monsters await the hero who often only saves himself while leaving everyone else to their fates.

Much of McPixel 3 plays like a point-and-click game where the puzzles need to be solved with a time limit ranging from five seconds to a minute, with several false conclusions that launch the player into the stage’s next level. Each stage has the individual levels play back-to-back on a loop until the puzzles are solved, and while this is a sensible way to structure them, one of only a few songs will play for the whole game, and with almost no sound effects to break up the noise, stages wear out their charm quickly. It does not help that many false endings have jokes that will elicit a groan since a good chunk involve the protagonist either relieving himself, making love to a character/object, crashing into an object, or simply blowing…


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