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Bayonetta 3 Review

In 2009, Sega and PlatinumGames released the first Bayonetta as an over-the-top action game similar to Capcom’s Devil May Cry franchise. The first Bayonetta earned rave reviews from critics, but unfortunately, it fell short of Sega’s sales expectations. The franchise would have been dead right then, but Nintendo stepped in to help fund and publish Bayonetta 2, securing the game as a Wii U exclusive in the process. Once again, Bayonetta 2 enjoyed critical acclaim but middling sales, and so Bayonetta 3’s confirmation as a Nintendo Switch exclusive at The Game Awards 2017 came as a shock to fans who were sure the titular witch’s action-packed adventures were behind her. Five long years later, Bayonetta 3 is finally out on Switch, and it stands tall as yet another must-play entry in the underappreciated franchise.

Bayonetta 3 retains the same kind of extreme action gameplay that fans have come to expect, with skilled players able to effortlessly dodge enemy attacks, activating the franchise’s signature time-slowing Witch Time mechanic to deal devastating combos. Along with her returning powers, Bayonetta has important new abilities in Bayonetta 3 that make her vast move-set even deeper, as she now is able to fuse with her demon summons instead of only using them for finishing moves.

By fusing with the demons she collects throughout the game, Bayonetta gains access to new traversal mechanics and attacks, with the option to purchase even more abilities through the skill tree. Every single Bayonetta/demon combo has its own skill tree, allowing players to invest in the demons they feel most comfortable with. The demons themselves are tied to specific weapons that Bayonetta uses in her default form, and those all have their own quirks, moves, and uses to keep in mind as well. Players that take the time to memorize Bayonetta’s extensive suite of combos will have an absolute blast tearing through the enemies in each stage, though her abilities…


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