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Resident Evil Village: Winters’ Expansion Review

When Resident Evil Village launched last year, it was met with enthusiasm from fans and critics alike, with many hailing it as a worthy follow-up to Resident Evil 7. While Capcom is working on new Resident Evil projects, it’s not quite yet ready to leave Resident Evil Village behind, releasing the Winters’ Expansion that adds new gameplay features alongside a story DLC called Shadows of Rose.

Shadows of Rose is the main draw of the Winters’ Expansion, putting players in the role of Ethan’s super-powered daughter Rose as she revisits familiar locations from the base game. Rose, now a teenager, resents her powers and is trying to get rid of them. By connecting with a sample of Megamycete leftover from the events of Resident Evil Village, Rose is able to explore “memories” of the titular village in search of a purifying crystal that will get rid of her powers and allow her to live a normal life.
The story in Shadows of Rose is predictable and unsatisfying, so anyone going in hoping for big revelations or hints at what Resident Evil 9 has in store will be disappointed. However, Rose is at least an interesting character with a lot more personality than her dad. The Duke, who played the role of the merchant in the base game, is presented as one of the primary antagonists in Shadows of Rose, and he’s a highlight of the story as well, but otherwise the plot leaves a lot to be desired.

For the most part, Resident Evil stories have stayed away from supernatural horror, instead offering scientific explanations for their monsters and super-powered humans. Shadows of Rose leverages its bizarre premise to dive head-first into supernatural horror elements, which creates the opportunity for scares and psychological tricks that Resident Evil has rarely had the chance to explore in the past.

Shadows of Rose doesn’t let this opportunity pass it by, and it is in fact one of the scarier Resident Evil experiences available. There are a couple…


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