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Overwatch 2 Review

The original Overwatch game was a massive success for Blizzard, earning widespread critical acclaim and becoming one of gaming’s biggest new IPs of the last decade. Blizzard supported the first Overwatch with cosmetic items, game modes, seasonal events, and new heroes, keeping fans engaged for the long-term. But a few years after launch, Blizzard announced Overwatch 2, a game that promised hero revamps, new PvP content, and most excitingly, a proper story campaign. Overwatch 2 and Blizzard itself have gone through dramatic changes since the game’s initial announcement in 2019, and what’s being presented at launch is likely not what many fans had hoped for after the game’s emotionally-charged reveal trailer.

Before expanding on its downsides, it must be stressed that Overwatch 2 is an incredibly fun game that will keep fans entertained for hundreds of hours. It features an impressive roster of 35 heroes, with three new characters joining the lineup for the sequel’s early access launch. It boasts plenty of vibrant, impressively-designed, and memorable maps, and it offers a nice selection of PvP game modes, including the brand-new Push mode.

The biggest change in Overwatch 2 is the drop from a 6v6 setup to 5v5, which is dramatic but doesn’t prevent the game from still feeling like Overwatch. In role queue, the new set-up allows for one Tank hero, two Damage heroes, and two Support heroes per team. Overwatch 2 Tanks have been significantly buffed and reworked to make this new setup possible. Orisa has been changed the most, losing her shield and original Ultimate in favor of a spear that can be thrown or used to pull unlucky enemies in for a devastating melee slam.

Other Overwatch 2 Tank heroes have had their existing abilities retained, but amplified, for the most part. Reinhardt can now throw two Fire Strikes at a time, and he also has the ability to cancel his charge. Zarya has two bubbles to work with, and Roadhog is able…


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