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Overwatch 2 Review – A Heroic Return

Overwatch 2 doesn’t flip the formula the way you might expect a long-awaited, numbered sequel would. But through various clever tweaks, it’s a well-rounded evolution of the experience into which I’ve poured more than a thousand hours since…

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  1. – Battlepass X
    – Soujourn is a Soldier 76 clone XX
    – Can't earn currency in battlepass so you DON'T have to buy the next one XXX
    – PVE we were promised isn't even here XXXX
    – They had to shutdown OW1 so we can't even play that XXXXX
    – Can't play the game on launch?!?!?! XXXXXX
    – Can buy the Watchpoint Bundle but CAN'T EVEN PLAY THE GAME XXXXXXX
    – Friend waited 2 hours in queue and it CRASHED ON HER WHEN SHE GOT TO ZERO XXXXXXXX
    Looks like the exact same game and doesn't even fulfill any of the otherwise promised material. I say this game needs bombed until we get real results. This looks rushed and a big "update" more than a new game. Overwatch "2" more like Overwatch BOOOOOOOOO

  2. Keep up the honest reviews gameinformer. Comments sure can be rude on here. If people disagree with the score that’s fine—it’s an opinion. No need for dirt flying if someone’s opinion about a game differs from yours.

  3. Six maps? Three heroes? One new mode? That’s a ton to you? Making more excuses for microtransactions? Come on, guys. You used to be the mainstream source that I trusted. This is supposed to be a whole new game. Instead, it’s a glorified expansion.

  4. So if I’m getting this right instead of Loot Boxes which you could earn from playing the game, now you have to earn a currency and just buy what you want and the currency I assume can be purchased and earned from Missions/Objectives. Then on top is a Battle Pass for season exclusive items?

    I feel like the old system was probably better for the free to play player – But everything has to have a premium battle pass for some reason.

  5. Failed to mention how it’s cutting out a minority of its player base who have cricket and other similar phone services. Shouldn’t have to switch providers just to play this game or use another persons phone number from an eligible plan.

  6. Blizzard: Splits the game in half (PVP/PVE) and decides to release the PVP ahead of schedule so people can play the game and support the expanded dev team
    Morons in comments: Hurr durr this not even a sequel

  7. I literally just found out that the original game was being killed and buried under its' sequel and I think it's very strange, sad and annoying that players didn't get any say or choice in the matter!

    Both games should have remained separate and the first game should have been left alone and available to play and I can't remember another game which people paid money being unceremoniously dumped and burned like this!!

    Even though the sequel is free to play, I'll take it with a fist full of salt and be very reluctant to play as I really enjoyed the original game and I don't have a clue if I'll like the new one! ??

  8. tHIS game is shit.period. dont play it…

    after some years they will make OW3 and it will be the same shit…same as diablo 4…5..6….

    its a rent u are paying FOREVER.

  9. Activistsion pays their reviewers well. B/c this review is fake news lmao. The game is awful, reskin of a game that shitvision stole from their paying customers with this garbage?

  10. imo a review for a MP only game show be based on how servers are at launch not the ideal prelaunch "reviewer special" ideally ideal conditions but content is all about being first thus a lot of ethical decisions are sacrificed but when a company is taking money to advertise a game this back scratching way of things started a long time ago and remains a conflict of interests i dont believe some reviews have total freedom over what the write at some outlets it has to get greenlit

  11. "Overwatch took the gaming world by storm"
    No….it didn't. It had a decent player base that rotated regularly as it was a drop in the bucket of competitive online shooters. Not saying it was bad but it didn't take anything by storm.

  12. A lot of the complaints are goofy. F2P games such as league always drip feed heroes to newer players. That’s part of the hook. If you’re not going to pay for the game you need to put time in. That’s a fair tradeoff for players. Battle passes aren’t mandatory and cosmetics are cosmetics. Players aren’t entitled to all cosmetics and features by just existing. They are not hamstrung in game by any of this.

  13. Agai this is my Bias opinion its not going to be a popular one so take this w a grain of salt, Sorry I have to make an honest comment it's not about being rude or toxic, it's keeping it ?, I've been playing ow since day 1 hit Plat @ least twice or whatever the high Tier is I forgot it's been soo long long now. It seems as if Blizzard is alienating the old school veterans & turning the gm into a run & gun gm to bring in new guys, taking out the tactics & strategy that made ow stand out from all other cookie cutter shooters hence y the 1st ow was 6v6 2 tanks, 2 shields 2 dps.s . NOW, 7 years later Blizzard releases a gm just like every other dev studio does that is unfinished, unpolished, & ppl have spent their hard earned ? money on 40.00 – 100.00 to more w the some say top 5 most expensive battle pass out thier even more expensive than fortnight & doesn't have nearly the amount of goodies fortnight battle pass does. Not to mention some ppls I have read in the forums have still been waiting to get in the gm since August. If it's not ready to be released & this goes for any gm Halo, Madden, NBA, wait till gm is finished & tested.

  14. 3:10. I don't understand this argument. From playing tank or support, players were able to earn 25 coins per match. Furthermore, if players got duplicates from their loot boxes, they got coins. If a player earned enough coins, they could choose what they wanted from the shop. In OW1, we earned cosmetics for free. In OW2, I have to spend actual money. I just hate it when people try to make paying $20 for a legendary skin seem awesome and so much better. $20 for any skin is ridiculous, and I've been saying that since Fortnite became popular.

    Edit: OW2 seasons will only last nine weeks?? This is why I hate battle passes and the new Blizzard. I don't have enough time to complete a battle pass in nine weeks. So, I'll be wasting my money. Smh. New Blizzard is greedy. This game will be dead by December.

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