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Gotham Knights: Batgirl Hunts For Harley Quinn | New Gameplay Today

Gotham Knights launches in just a couple of weeks, and Batman fans have been excited – and trepidatious – about the Bat clan’s big family adventure. In this episode of New Gameplay Today, we look at Batgirl’s combat abilities while she…

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  1. This looks like such a step back from the Arkham games, why would you change one of the best elements of that series in the combat, it was so fun & simple but hard to master, Now it looks generic as hell and button mashy. And the enemies seem so spongey. Environments also look very uninspired , and basic.

    Pass for me at full price, maybe pick up when it inevitable goes on sale withing a few months…

  2. I'll pass this one

    Lootbox at 4:54

    bad AI

    empty city

    I feel I already played this game over and over again (horizon dawn, assassins creed, etc).

    And yeah, people will compare it to Arkhan series because it's the they are close games

  3. This concerns me: "Simpler than Arkham, and it was designed that way, to make it easier for players to pick up characters" is not a good design goal, considering Arkham was pretty simple, but heavy on timing. Longevity in a game relies on the depth of the combat system. It looks like here it's just hit square and dodge, until you charge up a special move, and use one of those? Then repeat and manage cooldowns? Is that it? No combos, blocking or parrying? I'm a little concerned about that. Kind of difficult to get excited about doing that for more than 10-ish hours of combat gameplay. BUT, I just got to the part where you said they said it did get more complex. Phew!! Looks promising overall, with some concerns.

  4. First God of war game added freaking enemy levels system and now this, imagine stumbling upon higher level enemies than your level and run like coward just to go somewhere else and level up, it suits for soulslike games but for these games it feels kinda lame ?

  5. I thought this was going to be unique but instead it's just another "fill in the blank" super hero game from the last 10-15 years….. interest has dropped to less than 0.

  6. Biggest change in combat is it looks like they got rid of the counter system from the Arkham games so you can no longer hit Thug 1, hit Thug 2, counter Thugs 3 and 4, move on to Thug 5 etc.. so the combat is a bit slower and you can't chain together 100x combos anymore. Guessing this was simplified to accomodate co-op.

  7. This game give me the vibe like they were inspired by the adam west batman show put put those jokes in 2022 that’s how visually it looks. The world is dark and gloomy but even in the cutscenes it’s not intense the music makes it intense

  8. this is a 2015 ps4 game being sold as a 2022 game. everything from gameplay, design, graphical quality and mechanics scream mid gen ps4 to me. I wont be bad, it won't suck, but its just so unispired and dated.

  9. I think the game is going to be fine, definitely not a DC version of marvel avengers disaster. But it's not anywhere near Arkham games either.

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