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Tinykin Review

Tinykin is a whimsical and charming adventure that takes players across a delightfully crafted and gargantuan world. The player character, Milodane, takes up about as much space as a thimble and explores an average house that’s proportionally huge.

For anyone familiar with the Pikmin series, the gameplay will be immediately familiar. Milodane (or Milo for short) finds and befriends little creatures, known as tinykin, that are spread throughout the environment. Players can use this ever-growing army of helpers to complete tasks, often by launching at the item that needs to be carried/exploded/electrified.
The world players will explore in Tinykin is an absolute treat and the greatest strength of the game. Milo has traveled from his home planet to find the ancient home of humanity. He crash lands in what appears to be an average Earth house, seemingly frozen in time in the 1990’s. But Milo is no larger than the bugs that he finds himself sharing this space with. Towering cat trees, plants, stacks of toilet paper, and more have all been retrofitted by the sentient insect inhabitants to serve as homes, businesses, and even places of worship.

Each new zone presents players with a new type of tinykin – up to a total of five varieties – each with different capabilities. The pink and red types – used for carrying objects and as explosives, respectively – are the first two encountered and remain some of the most frequently used throughout. In order to avoid spoilers, the other tinykin abilities won’t be discussed here but suffice it to say that most of the abilities are fun to use and encourage steady momentum. Unfortunately, some of these abilities can occasionally bring things to a halt, which is jarring considering most other mechanics are there to facilitate a speedy experience. These moments aren’t a huge deterrent, but they slow the action down and feel like more of a chore. The vast majority of the time, however, the…


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