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Temtem Review

Temtem sets itself apart from other monster-capturing games by leaning towards a massively multiplayer experience rather than a single-player one. While games like Pokémon, beyond the expansions for Sword and Shield, typically don’t offer much support beyond the game’s release, Temtem is a live service game and promises more.

Temtem’s story takes place in a region of floating islands known as the Airborne Archipelago, where creatures known as Temtem roam the wilds. As the name implies, Temtem tamers tame Temtems for either friendship or to engage in battles with other tamers. The protagonist has just become one such tamer and as they begin to learn the ropes of being a Temtem tamer, they encounter a small army of mysterious Temtem tamers known as Clan Belsoto. The protagonist, alongside their Temtems, goes out to explore the other islands and investigate this strange new threat to humans and Temtems alike.

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Looking at it gameplay-wise, the pacing of the story can be a bit strange. Just after fighting what feels like a boss, sometimes the player is subjected to two or more boss fights almost immediately afterward, which can be a bit stressful at times. Not only that, but there does not seem to be a grace period between encounters, meaning just taking a single step forward after a fight might force another encounter. Some time between to breathe could’ve better helped the pacing.

From a visual standpoint, Temtem is a colorful game that is pleasant to look at. The colors are vibrant and diverse, yet even when things get a bit dark the developers try to add a splash of color to make it interesting. The designs for the characters and Temtems themselves vary in quality. The characters’ faces work but they are a bit weird, as they are just decals on a surface. The Temtems can range from goofy to cool, which is good. Variety in design is…


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