Nintendo Direct September 2022 Full Showcase

Check out the full presentation for the Nintendo Direct September 2022 showcase. We got brand new looks at new games like Fire Emblem Engage and Pikmin 4. Also, in big news The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Sequel finally announced its true…

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  1. Factorio on the Nintendo Switch? That's a problem for me, but not the bad kind. I'll just have to give up what semblance of a social life I had.
    On PC, since I bought it in 2017 I have logged 4053 hours on Factorio, most of that time was pre-2020.
    Just that game alone, in less than three years, I logged nearly 4k hours.

    So if it comes to Nintendo Switch, I expect I'll play another 1000 hours or more in it easily.
    Heck, now I can even play it while the power's out, or when I'm on vacation (that's a good thing).
    I do hope it brings the ability to support mods, like PC Factorio can, because that's a big reason I stayed with Factorio as long as I did.
    However if it does not, then I'll still play it a lot. The "vanilla" experience is a truly complete game in every sense of the phrase. Mods just add more to it.

    The only potential problem I can think of is that it could heavily tax the computing power of the Nintendo Switch console. I'm not saying it's not up to the task, I'm just saying that I build my factories very, very large, and that sometimes brings even my powerful gaming computer to a crawl.

  2. there were quite a few strong games finally making it over to the switch
    Crisis core, TOSR and a few others, I won't bother with cloud games since I dislike always being online just to play a game. If I'm forced to be online it has to be a multiplayer game, like Splatoon

  3. The Highlights where the Tales of Symphonia conversion that came out in 2005 and comes out on Switch with the exact Same Graphiks ,the Generic Farming Games,old n64 Games woow yuhuuu

  4. connect the 3ds digital versions of pokemon red, blue, yell0ow, gold, silver, crystal to pokemon stadium and pokemon stadium 2 or include these digital games for the switch or i won't consider getting this.

  5. Im verry disappointed on Nintendo the only good thing that they showed was zelda, the Resident evil tittle was great but the cloud version of 3 great games is going to destroy the experience of the portability of the consoles for some who travels alot it is not convenient to invest my money on 3 great games that have great potential to be playing on the go, I mean you could have left it digital completely I could have got a 250 gb msd card and it would have bin fine so congratulations you just lost a costumer

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