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Metal: Hellsinger Review

Metal: Hellsinger is a tight, blisteringly fast campaign of rebellion through the fiery depths of Hell. Blasting through levels armed with an assortment of demonic weaponry, players must time almost every action to the beat of pounding metal tunes. When the whole package clicks, it leads to some hugely fun and gratifying moments. The euphoric harmonization of action and music is truly special and something only a game like this can evoke.

Metal: Hellsinger and 2020’s Bullets Per Minute have often been compared, and rightfully so. The former is borrowing much from the latter. They’re both rhythm FPS’s leaning heavily into a Doom-like vibe and they both do a great job blending the two ideas. Though Metal: Hellsinger does a markedly better job nailing the aesthetics of the Doom franchise, especially the later entries.
But while Bullets Per Minute is a rhythm-based FPS rogue-like, focusing on runs and builds, Metal: Hellsinger’s mechanics forego such elements in favor of a more linear formula. This focus works in its favor, maintaining the constant action that propels players forward. Metal: Hellsinger is also a much more polished game and features some genuine star power behind its music. And though it lacks the build potential of Bullets Per Minute, players do decide on a loadout before diving into a level, built from unlockables they’ve earned.

As the demon referred to simply as The Unknown, players will attempt to tear through several layers of the underworld in the hopes of ultimately confronting the Red Judge, Hell’s ruler. Some time in the distant past, the Red Judge took away The Unknown’s voice and imprisoned her. With the help of a mysterious living skull named Paz, she’s now broken free and is intent on enacting bloody vengeance on any demon who gets in her way.

Players are confronted with 8 levels, each with a boss at the end. These levels are generally split into 3 combat areas that seal off until all enemies…


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