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Making High On Life: A Rooftop Interview With Justin Roiland’s Squanch Games

We met up with Squanch Games for a candid rooftop interview at Gamescom to discuss the making of High On Life, working with Justin Roiland, how the reception to Rick And Morty ebbs and flows, and how the team has struggled with marketing their…

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  1. Beautifully edited video, like a high production value documentary, and a great interview. I can't wait for this, just the passion behind it and wanting to try something new makes it worth a place on everyone's list I think, although I understand the humour can be quite divisive, as with all comedy.

  2. Man as of lately, you guys are setting the bar on your video and editing. This is almost as good if not better on what I see in VICE or any other short documentaries I see for that matter. I saw the coverage on the Arcade 1up Marvel vs. Capcom 2 you guys did not too long ago and I it was the BEST content I've seen on that venue as a whole. Everyone involve on this needs a raise and GI better keep you guys for the long run as this will definitely put you guys up there in the video/review coverage with the very best of em as what you guys accomplished in a monthly publicized magazine. Kudos to your team and all the hard work you guys put to every single content as it definitely shows. To be honest, this game was not on my radar, but seeing your coverage and looking deeply into the game mechanics, aesthetics and the oh so well written dialog got me to change my perspective as a whole to 100 percent keep an eye on this title…you guys in Squanch Games and Game Informer are AMAZING!

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