Hogwarts Legacy Haunted Hogsmeade Shop Quest Trailer | State of Play September 2022

WB’s Hogwarts Legacy gets a brand-new trailer showcasing the Harry Potter universe. Mannequins and darkness are unleashed, showcasing what could be the villain in this wizarding world game. Hogwart Legacy releases on February 10,…

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  1. This game will do very well i have no doubt. I am however very worried they will miss that February date. Its kinda all to common practice to announce dates and completely miss the mark. Setting that aside i think gamers will have a good time with this game.

  2. I get nervous when a game gets so hyped I’ll be eventually underwhelmed when I play it but if I can just explore around Hogwarts and Hogsmeade the game will be a win for me

  3. Why is a Hogwarts student buying a shop? Did the protagonist also come from a trust fund like Harry Potter?
    All jokes aside, this looks like a very fun and interesting side-quest.
    The pseudo-horror vibe is very interesting. There is truly no reason for this game to be confined to just one genre. Adventure? Check! Horror? Check! Mystery? Check! I'm eager to see the many other aspects of this game in February!

  4. A lot of people surprised by the horror aspect of the game, yet as you read the novels you realize that hidden under all the wonder of the Harry Potter universe, there is a lot of effed up stuff going on.

  5. I just wish it had co-op, I would love to cross paths with other created characters in the game & you can either have the choice to be allies or enemies with one another…

  6. How can Sony stop Microsoft from making a deal with Activision and buying exclusive content at the same time?! Justice in Japanese? I think only rats do it.

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