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Editor-In-Chief Andrew Reiner Passes The Torch To Matt Miller | GI Show

In this week’s episode of The Game Informer Show, Editor-In-Chief Andrew Reiner says goodbye to Game Informer after nearly 30 years and passes the torch to Magazine Content Director Matt Miller. We chat about how Reiner got a job at Game…

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  1. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I think GI’s days are numbered, I know Miller will do an amazing job but I can’t help feel with people leaving seemingly every couple months & gamestops ability to be douchebags that I think the magazines days are numbered, all of the original crew of GI have left or moved on, not that the newbies won’t be able to do a great job but it’s not gonna be the same & I’m really worried to be honest, But I love you Reiner & I will miss your voice, thanks for all you’ve done

  2. Wow. I had been so used to Reiner over the years I never thought thr day would come. Ive read Game Informer for at least 25 years of your tenure, Reiner. I harken back to the game handle/nickname days. Prior to entering the game industry, Game Informer provided me with a closer look at at industry I enjoyed from an early age. Going from reading the content for years to now a days watching you guys and your personalities live has been quite the journey.

    I wish you the best on your future endeavors, Reiner, and hope for much continued success for those still at Game Informer. I look forward to seeing where the Raging Gamer ends up.

  3. Man, I’m sure Miller will do great work but I’m gonna absolutely miss Reiner. Was lucky enough to play some Xbox with him a few years back and he was such a cool dude. Love the positivity he brings to everything he does. GI just won’t be the same. Good luck Reiner!

  4. Good luck to Reiner and congratulations to both him and Miller! Reiner has been a staple of Game Informer for a long time and his presence will be missed.

  5. One of my favorite portions of the video was the shoutouts at the end. It was a great wave of nostalgia as I remembered many of the names from the years and those who are ushering in the newest era. I didnt realize that some of the more recently departed had left. As varied as the industry is it is also quite small and many of you guys will cross paths again professionally if you're not doing so already personally.

  6. Didn’t even know Andy left. I stopped reading GI around 2017. The insanity of the 90s issues was the best. It got more and more serious and less interesting.

  7. Game Informer was my earliest introduction to gaming media and Andy, Reiner, and Matt have been part of it since. I can only wish you gentlemen, and Game Informer, success.

  8. I am going to say this as nice as possible. If I saw all these layoffs I would have bee looking for another job yrs ago. You are a fool if you don’t see how unstable it is to work there. Maybe it’s hard to find a job but I would leave asap before you have no job. You see Reiner didn’t have to think about accepting the job.

    GOW and all the last few years of the magazine monthly articles have been very weak imo.

  9. thanks so much for the shout out Reiner. and thanks for the freedom to get weird with that Replay stuff, that was a lot of trust really early in my professional career and it will always mean a lot to me. so excited to see what you do next!

  10. HEY GUYS/GI!! I have not received my newest GI issue. (God of War?)… So I went to my gamestop and NONE of the workers at home nor the store has received their copies. ?? It is the middle of the month what is going on? We all live in Springfield, MO. Also, what happened to Daniel Tack!!? He was one of my favs at GI for YEARS. Please let me know 1. About the newest issue and what I can do and 2. WHAT HAPPENED TO DAN!? LOL

  11. I’m 27 years old and it blows my mind to know Andrew has been working at GI for longer than I have been alive. What a hell of a run man!!! As far as I am concerned you’re a gaming legend, and you are beloved. Best of luck to you and your new career ?

  12. Looking forward to what you'll do Reiner! I don't know the future of Replay and Super Replay but if it will continue you'll be greatly missed!

    Did you mention Jim Reilly BTW?

  13. Andrew Reiner leaving in the same year Brandon Jones from Gametrailers/Easy Allies leaving… ugh, its a rough year for us fans. At least Reiner will remain in the gaming industry, Jones… not so much.

  14. Man, this sucks. I mean, I'm happy for Reiner, but as a fan this feels like the true end of an era. Like even moreso than when Andy (McNamara) left, because Reiner was a lot more public and involved. (Don't get me wrong, I was bummed when Andy left.) I only found the GI YouTube in 2015 or so, and from 2015 to now there has been massive turnover with the crew, so I feel like I missed some of the greatest days already. I mean, I still watch the Overblood Super Replays all the time. Anyway, I'm bummed, but congrats to Reiner and Miller on their new positions. Love you guys.

  15. Thank you so much for the lovely shout out, Reiner! Thanks for shouting everyone out 🙂

    I will never forget my first GI issue meeting. I was the new guy, I was excited, I didn't know what to expect and when it was clear everyone was there and ready to start, you turned to me and said something along the lines of, "Would you mind start us off with a prayer?" I was confused and it took me entirely too long to realize you were joking. We will have to get together and play Shenmue 3 for a video at some point in the future!

  16. i love game informer but i'm looking at these review scores in magazine and i'm scratching my head . cult of the lamb 8 but two point campus and recipe for disaster 8.5 come on guys

  17. I think it's the generation they are from im around there age you stay and get promotions it's the safety and routine of staying at a job . New gen jumps all over it seems anyway but congrats i would think after 30 years it had to be a great offer ?

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