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Early Look At God of War Ragnarök's Accessibility Features | Cover Story

In our latest cover story video, we take an early look at the extensive accessibility features in God of War Ragnarök. The game will come with 60-plus accessibility options at launch, including auto-sprinting down muddy roads to noticeable…

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  1. Good im glad. I'm happy more and more games are doing this, it means more people will have an easier time that had disabilities and people who weren't able to play games at all can now have an opportunity to do so.

  2. I’m actually fine with setting so little before launch. Leaks ruined TLOU2 for me, so idc if they don’t show anything else before launch. 2 months to go!

  3. I understand that rules might have been put in place by Sony or Sony Santa Monica, but Game Informer, these 1 minute cover story videos SUCK. You’ve really not put much thought into doing this. You’re supposed to be gamers yourselves, surely you have some idea of the demographic you’re trying to appeal to. I’d have rather waited for a longer detailed look, than these sporadic tiny videos. You’re also just recycling the same footage for more views, which feels kind of manipulative. Please do better.

  4. The decline in view counts of these videos should say everything one needs to know. Shameful how a game like god of war is being treated.

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