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Dead Island 2 Interview – Under The Skin Of The FLESH System

In this Dead Island 2 interview, we talk to the game’s Creative Director and Art Director at Gamescom 2022 about Dead Island’s procedural FLESH system, balancing comedy and horror, and why they want to make zombies monstrous again.

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  1. Need to see raw gameplay and how its different from Dying Light. Seems like they added fimiliar drop kick in Dead Island 2. Wish it was made by Techland by that ship has sailed many years ago.

  2. I'm not even into zombie games I've only ever played a few, yet I am excited for this especially the gore system…

  3. Very excited to try this out when it comes out. That extra time to really iron out the faults and polish as much as you can always very much pays off in the end

  4. It'll probably be buggy like most games these days, but let's face it, the gameplay will most likely be enough to make up for it. All the bugs the first Dead Island have were easy to ignore over the mindless fun.

  5. Super excited about the game. I love both the Dying Light games amd for all I love about them they don't capture the full magic of Dead Island. I love Dying Light 2 and its definitely an amazing direction to take this specific zombie genre and the medieval type zombie apocalypse is a great concept. This looks like it's taking it in another great direction. Dead Island 2 and the dying Light games are two sides of the same coin that all started with Dead Island in 2011.

  6. I was curious, how is the FLESH system? Did you notice the difference between this game and other zombie games? Can you actually see organs and such when blowing apart zombies in this game?

  7. Not try’n to be a downer but the one thing ik I’m gonna hate is the corny jokes , and cheesy writing, cause idk if y’all noticed in the gameplay trailer, when the guy got his head ripped off, it showed a glimps of him hittin a cigarette while having no Brain , like come on that cheesy writing and then try’n to be funny like that and if there’s a lot of moments like that in this game than it’s just going to be another story with bad writing IMO, now it may not seem like a big deal but I really don’t want that cheesy writing in this game like In the previous dead island games,I want this game to succeed so badly because it deserves it, after being in hell development for 8 years it deserves the recognition it’s getting and I WANT THIS SHIT TO WIPE ITS ASS WITH DYING LIGHT 2 ,now that game was a disappointment other than the parkour and some cool zombie moments , but other than that nah , but this game , THIS ZOMBIE GAME has the chance to be the zombie game we’ve all wanted, coop, cool weapons, somewhat of a free roam feeling , and the gore ! I want a serious tone (throw a couple of good jokes in there and some humor) but overall I want a serious play through where I’m so immersed in the game that I’m worried about my survival and actually have feeling attachments to the characters of the story, but damn Ik imma enjoy the shit out of the zombie killing, looting everywhere in LA, and ofc coop!

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