Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty Official Teaser Trailer

Get ready for Phantom Liberty a spy-thriller expansion for Cyberpunk 2077 set in an all new district of Night City. Coming in 2023 to PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and S, and Stadia.

Also Keanu Reeves is making a return as Johnny Silverhand…

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  1. The game that dissapointed 99.99% of the gaming community. I asked for the refund the same day it was release. Is really dissapointing after so many years of creating received an unfinished product like this game.

  2. but like… how does this fit into the story? the amount of things V does in their supposedly limited time is already quite a stretch. Just thinking of all the missions that have "wait until tomarrow or until tonight" as requirement and then remembering that you're supposed to have 2-3 weeks to live? like, no, I'm waiting till tomorrow because I only have 14 of those left.

  3. How does this fit into the time frame tho and decisions u made in the main game, I can't remember exactly what happened in my ending but I'm sure this wouldn't make sense for V and keanu reeves charchter to still work.

  4. I have a hunch, that this will be ready in time with just small bugs, cause this trailer will mock authority, the state, the republican side, christianity, the importance of an oath! Yeah you can call me crazy… don't care!

    It's like Fac Cry 6 all over again… that game even tried to say that communism is one of the best things in life!

    Democrats need all the help they can get, to brainwash the youth!

  5. Kinda hoping that this DLC effects the ending to the game in a major way. I'm just spit balling here but the NUSA wants to bring the west coast back into the union, so we get to choose whether or not we help them in exchange for their assistance with the chip. Could be interesting, might redownload and check it out.

  6. I love this game so much. Rocky start, but enough bones of an amazing game are here for me to keep faith that cdpr will deliver

  7. Don't be fooled. World hegemony is actually a desire of the the political leftists. Remember the map of the USA on the wall in the game. 49 states are blue and one is red.

    The creator of the story of cyberpunk is already a blue pilled, Normie Progressive. If CD project red wants to be truly transgressive, then they will depict the new USA as having conservative values; that is, being blatantly pro-life, being uncompromisingly, explicitly, anti-homosexual, and base both of these positions of pro-life and anti-homosexuality on ethics, or on moral principles.

    Cyberpunk is supposed to be melancholic and edgey right? My instincts tell me this new expansion will have no real Edge at all.

  8. this company played itself after 10 years of promoting hype. half baked lies. they lied again and again calling them preposterous while playing on your imagination and for your wallets. after they had your cash…hackers proved they had always been laughin to the bank and knew the issues they were denying were facts. then they take ages off and said no more cyberpunk content?? later they said content was being dev'd. now this is coming IN 2023? this is what happens when you reward incompetence. it just gets worse.

  9. Hopefully they'll release another major batch of updates and fixes for the game prior to this release, then when it goes on sale again I'll finally have enough confidence in the game to purchase it. As things stand it still feels way too risky an investment.

  10. Apparently this is the only story expansion they plan to make and then they're moving on to another project and only a few staff are remaining on cyberpunk to develop patches.

  11. Wait… So, does that mean that there is an ending at the end of 2077 where V survives? And You don't get that "you have this many months to live" thing? How do I get that ending? Or is it just explained in the DLC?

  12. I love Cyberpunk, but it's strongest point has got to be the music. Don't get me wrong, the story: loved it, the atmosphere: it pulls me in without fail. But the MUSIC.. It's invokes so much. It's badass, it's haunting. They did such an amazing job on this OST

  13. Is…is this corpo? I hope this will be filled with politic, bribery, sabotage, espionage, maybe even assassination. Winning through tactics, words and battle of wits with just enough amount of battle. My body is ready.

  14. If CDPR wants to expand the universe they're gonna have to alter or change the way the story can play out. Can't imagine Johnny's corruption will just wait for me to go finish a couple DLC's before I saunter on over to the ending.

  15. I have two theories about this. Theory 1, this takes place after the Aldecados ending and somehow Johnny is still in your head. Or theory 2, this is after letting Johnny take over, but V remains as a fading ghost of his/her former self and appears and talks to Johnny just as he did to them.

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