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Circus Electrique Review

Circus Electrique introduces a steampunk version of 1890s London wherein two circus ringmasters vie for the public’s attention using an array of mechanical marvels, even as the citizens and constabulary of the era fall into a state of deepening madness. Amelia, an intrepid reporter with close ties to the key individuals involved, assembles an army of circus performers to secure the peace and unmask the mastermind responsible for the chaos.

Gameplay spans multiple genres, blending strategic combat, exploration, and resource management while weaving a mystery underpinned by themes of family and redemption. Even at the lowest difficulty setting, the adventure demands that players quickly come to terms with its intricate systems and offer ample rewards to those who rise to the challenge.
An in-game day in Circus Electrique follows a comfortable routine. First, players prepare their crew in the circus camp. If they haven’t already scheduled a multi-day spectacle, they might plan a performance under the big top by assigning desired roles to crew members, which will generate precious resources once the show concludes. Next, they head out to a map and advance through nodes to engage in special events. Eventually, they reach a combat node and battle an army of “Vicious” enemies. Once that conflict ends, they return home to receive their rewards and to read about their escapades in the daily newspaper. Then it’s time to tackle the next day, or perhaps consult a helpful online beginner’s guide to figure out what just went wrong.

The camp menu doesn’t initially offer many options; a few limited “buildings” available prove woefully inefficient. As players gain experience in combat, events, and as a reward for putting on dazzling performances, the camp expands to offer new buildings with greater potential. Players then invest their limited resources to improve their situation. They might upgrade the train that allows…


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