Assassin's Creed Codename Infinity Official Announcement Trailer | Ubisoft Forward 2022

Learn more about Assassin’s Creed Infinity in this announcement trailer. We got to see 2 games coming to Infinity. Assassin’s Creed Codename Red and Assassin’s Creed Codename Hexe.

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  1. I wish we could go back to the story of Jacques de Molay I don't even remember how that connects to Unity other than just making it look like this AC Infinity's concept is

  2. Why would they ever do japan. China is where they need to go ghost of Tsushima cannot be topped by a studio like Ubisoft that just copy popular trends.

  3. red is gonna be like sekiro without the flashy brutal souls like combat and lots of climbing, also katanas and shurikens

    edit: dont forget about shogun templars and samurais

  4. Infinity sounds like they want to put all their games in a closed system, “hub”, to enforce users to pay monthly to play the AC games instead of a one-time payment for a game. Thus connecting to our wallets for ‘Infinity’.

    Otherwise why a hub? Why not sell standalone games?

    AC subscription business model by the smell of it.

    I hope I’m wrong, of course, but being the pessimist that I am.. I can’t help it.

  5. Wait, how many new AC games are they making? I counted four or so. How many on pc/console and which will be mobile only? They can't possibly be making a whole bunch of AAA console games at the same time, right? Maybe a new one every year or two? Idk, I just hope they focus on quality and depth this time rather than quantity and breadth, but I have my doubts after watching all these new AC trailers.

  6. I’m Excited for hexe, Japan and china ( even tho china AC is a mobile game ) hopefully it’ll just be like a regular AC game. Just on phones. for hexe, i hear its set during the German Witch Hunt era. These sound intriguing ngl. As for infinity, for those thinkin that is a game, that’ll be a negative. It sounds like it’ll be a hub where you can access i think all AC games in one place.

  7. Hashashin? DONE
    Pirates? DONE
    Colonials? DONE
    Vikings? DONE
    Gangsters? DONE
    Spartans? DONE
    Present Day? DONE ((If you count the Assassin in Watch Dogs Legion xD))
    Samurai/Ronin? Pending
    Ninjas? Pending

    I have a feeling that Hexe might be Witches xD The logo in the branches sure looks witchy enough 😀
    I miss the days of real simple assassins like Altair & Ezio xD

  8. Don't care. Done with this franchise.

    Before "but you took the time to comment people" get here

    This took me 30 seconds to type. Whatever bs ubisoft is planning would take 200 hrs to complete

  9. I'm low-key so disappointed with what they plan to do with Infinity. The last AC game and it's going to be a modern, endlessly updating, F2P MMO. I loved all AC games but turning the game into a free to play GTA just ruins the whole series. I know it's going to be pay to win as well.

  10. Imagine an Assassin's Creed game where the MC is part of a Shinobi clan that has served as part of the Brotherhood for centuries, and some of the story campaign involves present day espionage, sneaking around, and capturing/stealing an Animus before diving into the past.

  11. While Red sounds like a badass ninja assassin (and no, i do not mean The movie), Hexe got me interested a Little bit more because i like Ubi to come up With completly new aproaches like The witches, voodoo and talisman stuff. Cant wait for those to come.

  12. I really hope that whoever was in charge of Origins is in charge of Red. Please release Red fully polished and finished, and with the scope, depth, detail, and content it deserves, beyond what fans even expect.

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