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Microsoft and Call of Duty have Sony a little worried, PlayStation is getting rid of a feature and new Pokémon information is incoming August 3, 2022.
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Microsoft’s plan to acquire Activision Blizzard is currently…

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  1. To be fair xbox started the cod exclusives back with black ops on xbox 360 one the reasons I choose it over ps3 back then. They then lose the exclusive rights and PlayStation started doing the exclusives on ps4. Here a fix put guidelines in that existing multi-console release franchises can not have there sequels turn into exclusives.

  2. Or it could just be because it’s still impossible for most of us to even buy a PlayStation five at a reasonable price (I.e., not from a scalper for double the price). The new Xbox is readily available at MSRP I might add.

  3. Maybe if Sony Prioritized getting it's consoles in to the hands of actual consumers and not resellers via a verified ticket system then more people would be using their new console and checking out their first party games. They legit can't even focus on next gen only properties yet because not enough people have their consoles in their homes. But I can find a Series X/S without a 500 dollar markup.

  4. Might aswell get a gaming PC if you're going to switch to Xbox, all their games are coming to it and there's far more exclusives on it than both consoles combined

  5. Sadly Sony burned me badly 3x while i was a really Sony fan. I am now mainly on Xbox and still Nintendo. My bad feelings about Sony softened a bit lately but not enough to justify another console worth a month rent.

  6. It's not okay when Xbox buy publisher and make Xbox exclusive but it's totally okay for $ony to paid 3rd party developers aka the company they didn't even own to make the game exclusive for PS only. Such a very pathetic excuse to say Xbox didn't play fair when actually $ony did even worse.

  7. Sony" Our own studios are NOT good enough to compete with COD.".. Sony , get your money up , Jerks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PONIES OWNED BY SONY

  8. The fact that I can go on the Microsoft store right now and buy a series x no BS is super tempting as someone who normally buys PlayStations. Microsoft and Xbox are making their consoles and games more accessible and affordable to players while Sony is doing everything they can to increase prices and make everything as inaccessible and inconvenient as possible. Not to mention the complete abandonment of their retro titles.

  9. I switched to Xbox this generation. Gamepass and retrocompatibility were the main incentives for me. Although I must say that if a Ps5 would have been available when I went to the store that day I probably would have picked it instead lol. Nonetheless,, the X is a fantastic system.

  10. thing is people keep saying xbox pass is good/cheap till its not xbox makes game pass cheap because then eventually when the library is staked high with demanding games they can increase the price 2 maybe 10x what it is because they can. sony subscribes is expensive because you still need to make money off what you give away

  11. I remember hearing about accolades, but I never play multiplayer games because there's too much toxicity of almost all games. So I didn't use the accolades feature.

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