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The Last of Us Part 1 Review

When it comes to remakes and remasters there is an inherent discussion about value – is the game worth playing for those who haven’t ever played it and is it worth revisiting depending on the changes made to the original product. For The Last of Us Part 1, those discussions have been more heated for a number of reasons, with the value of the remaster varying from person to person.

After having spent considerable time with The Last of Us Part 1 it’s hard not to come away impressed. Naughty Dog has upgraded the visuals of the game across the board, making it look on par with most current-gen games on the market. The game still features the performances from the original, but with a new coat of paint, everything about The Last of Us Part 1 has an added boost of realism.

It really is impressive how much visual detail Naughty Dog was able to layer onto The Last of Us Part 1 without completely redoing the stunning production design that existed before. The developers called their work on the project meticulous, and it feels that way. Much of what The Last of Us Part 1 does is modernize the visuals of a PS3-era game to match the fidelity of the current generation.

At the same time, that also means that The Last of Us Part 1 does not feature any major overhauls from a gameplay perspective. This is not The Last of Us Part 1 with Part 2’s combat and systems. Going from Part 2 to Part 1 is sure to be jarring for veterans, but that doesn’t seem to be the intent of this remake. Rather, the focus is on preserving its experience, or what fans remember from 2013.

There are some bonuses included with The Last of Us Part 1 that will entice more hardcore fans. A speedrun and permadeath options are included from the start, which will likely satisfy the dedicated Last of Us players out there. The Last of Us Part 1 also features a ton of accessibility options, which has become standard practice for Sony-published games lately and is…


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