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The DioField Chronicle | New Gameplay Today

Join host Wesley LeBlanc as he takes you through a full mission in Square Enix’s upcoming real-time tactical RPG, The DioField Chronicle, and a look at what you’re doing in the game when you’re not in battle. This gameplay comes from a hands-on…

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  1. Looks like a really nice game, although i like games to be on normal difficulty cause i mainly play all of them for a story. Also it would be nice for it to be more mature like blood splattering, dismemberment or some kind of romance options it just adds to the game.

  2. Was thinking the demo came out tomorrow just to find out the game RELEASES tomorrow! So stoked for this.
    For any intrigued by this and looking to add more trpg to their switch arsenal, Symphony of War: Nephilim Saga is geared for a early 2023 switch release!

    EDIT: Google bamboozled me. Googling Diofield Chronicle says it releases tomorrow. Woops.

  3. I love that square is getting back to releasing these smaller titles. You do NOT need a massive budget for a triple A game in order for it to be a good game and or a success. Looking forward to checking the demo out. If I like it I'll certainly buy it day 1

  4. Wish I wasn’t stuck in a certain annoyingly difficult battle in triangle strategy cuz I was loving it. Also the one thing that irked me about three houses was it’s only challenging on hard but then you get to the final battle and it’s literally impossible at least for me lol.

  5. Perhaps it will finally hit all publishers that bigger worlds and better graphics cost too much. Better story and gameplay does not! I'm all in for it!

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