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Street Fighter 6’s Modern Controls Make It Fun To Play Against Rookies

Street Fighter 6 has impressed Game Informer Associate Editor Marcus Stewart in several ways thus far, from its gorgeous presentation and animation to its well-tuned gameplay. But what he loves most is how the Modern option brings rookies up to…

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  1. Street Fighter for "snowflakes" and "pussies" and brain lazyness activists??
    – Wow! What's next? Pandering lgbt bs in the game??

    Basically, looks like this Street Fighter requires no serious mental effort, nor serious finger + brain coordination.
    This might be the end of Street Fighter in 3D and i don't mind because this 3D version does not resemble the real Street Fighter.

    Bring back the best 2D version that stopped at Street Fighter 2'.

    Mortal Kombat is bad when compared to Street Fighter! ?
    – There's no comparison between SF and MK! Mk has dolls for fighting characters and their moves are stiff like a robot's.?

    With these modern controlls the fights will start to become repetitive because every rookie will resort to those and end up playing teh same way, with the same tactic, over and over. So, it gets boring over time.

  2. I've played other games with this scheme, it ain't new (another idea SF had to steal..). These controls are always confusing to me, it just seems easier to use traditional controls & there are penalties to using it; you can't access as many moves, they're usually on a cooldown if you use this method, I don't know how you do ex moves or supers with this…you have to learn a whole different way to play that is actually detrimental to your effectiveness. But more power to whoever thinks this is easier.

  3. Want to play new SF6 but its intimidating for me because I struggled to do cancels (move>move>cancel>move>move) or reversals in SF5 on controller. For casuals play it was okay but when you started to play against good players I struggled becasue I couldnt do good move lists that involved cancel. Any tips on these mechanics with controller?

  4. Even without modern controls, just the advantage system seems fantastic.
    As someone big into FGs it can make it less fun to play ppl I'm much better than and vice versa,"but when I played UMVC3 recently with my 12 year old cousin we just changed the advantages and it made it so the games could be relatively close.
    SF6's advantage system seems like that but much better.

  5. I remember bringing my PS4 over to my friend’s house a few years ago to play Dragon Ball FighterZ. He’s a huge anime fan but he had never played before and within the first 6-7 matches, I was whooping his ass while holding back. However, out of nowhere, this fool popped off like he got a freaking Zenkai Boost and he was pulling chain combos on me back to back. It was intense and insanely fun. I can only imagine that SF6’s more balanced approach to combat for both pros and newbies alike will result in similar outcomes for versus matches.

  6. This is exactly why Smash Bros. is one of my favorite fighting games to get really into and why I've never been able to penetrate SF's exterior. In Smash it's so easy and fun to pick up and try new characters because controls are the same across the board. It also lets you immediately learn and focus on mind games and universal techniques or the opposite: what makes each character unique. This is a great system and I hope more fighting games employ it in the future.

  7. modern controls will be the preferred control scheme if it has no disadvantages to classic. crosscuts, dp motion, zangeif 360 and even 720s will bring huge advantages at the push of a button. hitbox is now gaining popularity all due to quicker special motions and movement, saving yourself a couple of frames off a dash or from crouching to jump and now imagine one button specials coming out even quicker. option select off of light attacks will be even easier so i imagine the games during neutral will be both players spamming light attacks into their best specials for a knockdown and into oki. sure, this will entice the noobs but this will also be available to the good players as well, making classic controls pointless.

  8. They did the same with the last Tekken game and the result is tedious… Almost in every online match someone spams the same moves over and over making it unplayable and boring.

  9. I hate having to learn a full ddr style to get a combo off but sf4 was the peak for me but it's annoying going round after round with people doing the same 10 hit combo over and over. Sf would do better imo if they went to tap options instead of having to hold directions for more than 2 seconds turning down/up back/forward moves into turtling where Ryu or Ken spit moves out instantly…but whatta I know

  10. This video is the reason why I don't enjoy gaming as much. What happened to accepting it's not for you and moving on. Inclusivity should have limits.. even the 1st amendment does.

  11. Pros will still use classic. Modern gives you less specificity on which light, medium or heavy attack you'd like to do. That kind of thing is important for frame advantage and footsies amongst other things.

  12. I've played, loved and enjoyed Street Fighter series since 2 and over the years it has been getting harder to play due to issues with my hands, age related. I am glad they're doing something this, as this will help me continue and others to play and enjoy the game.

  13. Modern controls should have been a norm a decade ago. I don't know how we have have not had these type of controls 2 generations ago. Its like developers and hardcore players want the complex controls just for the sake of being complex.

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