Saints Row – Everything To Know

The Saints Row series is back and looking to reinvent itself. Instead of picking up where part 4 left off, this new entry is taking you back to the beginning with an all new cast of characters causing mayhem in a brand new city. Here is…

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  1. Making characters relatable just means you're an incompetent writer with no creativity. A compelling character will always be better than a modern character who's sole purpose is to be relatable.

  2. They should have made u the kids of the original saints. Like Johnny’s niece and the bosses son. That would of been hysterical

  3. i love saints row 2022 game i got 89.99 saints row game at gamestop online ships too my house can't wait also i love saints row 3 and saints row 4 can't wait too play this!!!!!😃😃

  4. Buggy mess and worthless story. Student loans??!! Great reason for committing crimes. Not really. Save your money don't pay full price for this.

  5. to be fair even when everyone seems to be hating on this game, I will pre order it after this video, it seems like everything I wanted, just a reboot of the series, same gameplay, same side stuff, same open world stuff with better graphics and everything, this will be one of the game where everyone is hating on it and for me its a 12/10, maybe its easier when you don't cry about everything or so

  6. Playing it as I type this, does anybody know what year this is set in?? Is this before Julius ?? SPOILER! Eventually you obtain the “Abandoned Church on Third Street”

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