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Pokémon World Championships London Tour + Pokémon Center Haul | VLOG

We visited London for the Pokémon World Championships to grab a behind-the-scenes tour and a look at new and upcoming Pokémon merch like The Wand Company’s Quick Ball and Cherish Ball replicas. We also visited the London Pokémon Center Pop-Up…

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  1. My 6 yr old son brought me back to my childhood lol now me and him are in it together . ? long live Pokémon ! My favorite has always been Blastouise. His is Pikachu & Raichu

  2. Pokemon came in a little too late for me growing up. But I'm super happy that you are getting out and doing your thing brother! Don't have to be a fan to appreciate the art of it all.
    I'm also very jealous that you have family in England. I'm a history nut!?
    Go to bed dude.

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