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MultiVersus Review

Nintendo struck gold with Super Smash Bros., a fighting game series where the main draw is the deep roster of established characters pulled from other video game franchises. Various other developers have attempted to mimic the Super Smash Bros. formula over the years, but none of them have really managed to live up to the high bar set by Nintendo’s crossover fighting game. The latest Super Smash Bros. clone, MultiVersus, comes closer than any game before it, and as long as the developers keep a steady flow of content coming, it should have a bright future.

MultiVersus is Super Smash Bros., but instead of video game characters making up the roster, it’s mostly characters pulled from Warner Bros.-owned properties, as well as real-life basketball star LeBron James and original character Reindog. MultiVersus follows the Super Smash Bros. formula, with each character having their own distinct move set and quirks relevant to the franchise they come from. Like Smash, MultiVersus is tough to master, but easy to pick up and play, as players don’t have to worry about memorizing complicated button combinations to perform impressive attacks.
Anyone familiar with Super Smash Bros. should immediately understand how to play MultiVersus, but those struggling can check out the game’s many tutorials. Once players have a grasp on how it controls, they should have no issue jumping from playing an Assassin like Arya Stark to a Mage like Bugs Bunny, even if they won’t understand the finer details about a character’s abilities until they spend some time playing as them.

Instead of health bars like traditional fighting games, MultiVersus takes yet another page out of the Super Smash Bros. playbook. Every time a character is hit, their total damage grows, and that in turn makes it easier to send them flying off the map. The ultimate goal in MultiVersus is to get ringouts by knocking opponents out of bounds, which can be accomplished by hitting them…


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