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I Remember The Last Of Us Part 1 Being Better | Opinion

In this video game essay, Game Informer Senior Associate Editor Blake Hester shares his Last of Us Part 1 Remake review impressions, how it’s aged, why he remembers it being better, and why the new PS5 game still feels like a PlayStation 3…

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  1. Wish I could relate to what he’s saying last of us brought something to the gaming genre the emotions the face expression the horror aspect of it really brought you in and that was unheard of. So the gore was just right they could take away or add as they please but time changes it’s called growth I

  2. Yeah this is a terrible review, I beat the game on ps3, ps4 and pre ordered the ps5 version to completion. It’s a beautiful story that no game can come close to. This sounds like it was written not by a fan but by someone who just has an opinion

  3. You’re not hating on the remake at this point you’re hating on the last of us in general. Which I find strange because it’s one of the best stories ever written in gaming. Your opinions are faulty and I understand by that emotionless I work at ign voice why you don’t like this game it’s because you can’t connect with the characters because you’re incapable as you lack real raw emotions babe

  4. My opinion is that your opinion is shockingly out of touch with very little to back it up and a poor reflection on GI's journalistic takes and tastes.

  5. Absolutely shit opinion. The Last of Us easily remains one of the top 5 best games ever made and has the best story , screenplay and game direction of any videogame

  6. The point isn't violence TLOU is about survival and the selfishness that comes a long with. It's also commentary on human nature, the dictomy of it. We are all opportunistic but wecan also be kind and compassionate. He sounds like a liberal hippie. He probably enjoyed the part II more just because of the agendas added.

  7. 3:23 I guess Blake wanted Joel to get on his knees and ask politely and Tess to pat Robert on the head and let him go after killing most of his group? Interrogation is supposed to civilized according to Blake

  8. This review is actually interesting in what you mention. Yes the last of us created several modern tropes in gaming, but just because it is the first one, doesn't mean it holds up now. If it was a remaster like you said you just let it pass, but several people are comparing it to RE2 remake. Which did make the gameplay more modern, the lines (still B movie funny) a little bit more serious, and made the paising of the story better. I feel it is more comparable to Warcraft 3 reforged. They could've fixed things to make it fit more with Part 2, but at the end they just decided to make it "look" like Part 2, but not change anything else. At least Naughty Dog didn't promise to do that like Blizzard did.

  9. It feels like a PS3 release because it literally is the exact same game with a newer, new, layer of paint slapped on it. They didn't do a single thing they lied and said they were doing. There are no gameplay improvements. There are no new game mechanics. They didn't even remake the game. It is a $70 remaster, $80 deluxe.

    They didn't add dodging. They didn't add new collectibles. They didn't add proning or hiding in tall grass. They added literally nothing from Part 2. Part 1 even has the same invisible walls.

    I'm enjoying it, but that's purely because of nostalgia and missing Joel in Part 2. I knew this would be a waste of money and bought it knowing that. It's a beautiful remaster, but it absolutely 1000% just another remaster.

    Also to begin with, TLOU never had a unique story. It was just unique among games. Every aspect of this story has been done over and over between TV, comic books, and novels. The reason it resonated with a lot of people is because, like most normies, they aren't well-read or well-versed in art or pop culture.

  10. "Now unencumbered by technological restraints"

    Still has the same invisible walls blocking you from going even an inch further than it wants you to even in areas that should be explorable, has even worse unnecessary motion blur and camera shake (which can be turned off thank fuck)., Still has the exact same melee combat, exact same enemy AI, same swimming mechanics, same grab/drag mechanics, still can't dodge or crawl or prone, no new TLOU2 mechanics like hiding in tall grass. Game STILL doesn't run at 60 fps even on performance mode and Fidelity mode doesn't increase the graphical detail enough to justify the fact that it literally can't even run at 1080p60fps.

    I'm truly curious to know what encumbrances it had before that it now doesn't.

    This game could have been truly 10/10 if they had simply actually remade it and added dodging, added the one-two punch to killing clickers (destroying their "shell" and then stabbing them in the head), and added crawling. Or new enemy AI. Instead they sold TLOU re-remastered for $70 where most things look better but a lot of things lost their details.

  11. Well… I disagree, not changing or modernising the narrative is what will make it a great remake (also, finally PC version). It was masterpiece of character interaction and development, so no changes at all other than graphics is the best change they could have possibly done…
    Modernising the narrative would most likely ruin the game. Its the reason why TLoU2 was so much worse than original. It was modernised narrative, it wasnt realistic, it wasnt believeable concidering characters involved and their past experience and behaviour, it was just plain stupid, boring and forced most of the times. Modernising narrative is exactly the reason why the game series dropped from 92% rating for original to 57% for part II.

  12. I'm playing this now and I'm loving it, it's a visual remake, never expected the base game or dialogues to change, it's perfect if you wanna experience the first game again but with a fresh and beautiful new coat of paint

  13. I want to engage but I want to clarify that I purely want to dissect your opinions, not dogpile on you. None of this is a judgement on you as a person or meant to be snarky. please read this in a neutral academic tone

    this review sorta feels completely devoid an understanding that fiction is generally intended to be consumed multiple times to properly engage with it critically. Art is a conversation

    I see what you are saying, but I feel like you are misunderstanding the purpose of Joel as a character, or just that like, the game doesn't have meaning that isnt assigned to it. The violence is there because the muses told the developers it needed to be there and serves to illustrate that Joel is a bad guy even in a world where everyone is out for themselves, but that he's also not the worst of the worst by a long shot. . You aren't supposed to like Joel. he's just straight up not a good dude and actively chose to do bad things, and ends the game ignoring Ellie's autonomy and then lying to her about it. He wasn't hardened by circumstances any more than anyone else in the story, he chose to be a violent asshole. He loves Ellie but only because she reminds him of his daughter. He is a deeply sympathetic character, but he is a violent bully. Tess told him he's a bad person because he's a bad person. This is not a redemption story or a family drama; It's a tragedy. He's not a hero, he's not a villain, he's not even an antihero or an antivillain. He's just a person making decisions in an impossible world , it's a tragedy. It has a lot of themes to divine meaning from but it has no inherent purpose other than to move you. If you're bummed out and bored you're probably supposed to be and if it doesn't land with you anymore it's on you more than the writing. I personally enjoy when a piece of media challenges my learned emotional presumptions about what makes art good.

    Stories where nothing happens until bad stuff happens and only bad stuff happens move me the most because they resemble life, but abstract themselves from life by being…well, dramatic. If (as in the case of The Last of Us) said story has believable character interactions, and downtime it opens the door to feel a lot of warmth, especially. The warm moments ring hollow to you now because you're old enough to not be swayed by bad people when they show warm qualities. You're reviewing it as a consumer product based on how it made you feel rather than as a piece of art, a long-form narrative more akin to a novel than a film or TV show.

    You're an editor and it took you 9 minutes to say "I think The Last of Us is a bummer and I wish that it wasn't" but didn't even engage with the ideas you brought up in the video.
    If an employee presented this to you to publish you would ask for extensive rewrites.
    to quote the novel House of Leaves (A deeply dark, tastelessly violent, boring, slow, bummer of a novel with capital T themes in it that is also simultaneously a very warm and relatable family story, and is also a 500 page dissertation on why art is both purposeless and meaningful at the same time. )

    "This is not for you"

  14. A more appropriate title to this may be “I’ve grown in the past 9 years.” The game isn’t “worse” because the industry has evolved and you as a person have matured and have reflected on this experience..

  15. He lost me at the violence is too grotesque now. No I'm sorry, the reality of the world, and the emotions it wants the player to feel throughout a playthrough cannot exist without it. Somehow this continues to be a standard that only Naughty Dog games are being held to.

  16. This is the first time I've ever played this game, and I disagree with so much here

    The violence is just part of the world building. I don't really find that it's trying to be edgy, nor does it really stand out. After a while it's routine and in the background, but it serves to explain just what kind of person Joel is

    The story doesn't feel like it's trying to do anything groundbreaking at all, and that's fine. What it is is an incredibly well-acted love story. We've seen it before, apparent loses a child, meets new child with no parent, paternal relationship begins to unfold.

    The thing about this game is, that it's just done so God damn well. The acting is phenomenal and the chemistry between Joel and Ellie is tangible

    Gameplay is definitely a bit stiff and reminiscent of 2013. Too many damn ladder puzzles and conveniently placed pallets in everybody of water

    You can literally skip these puzzles though. As well as touch up the controls to be pretty damn modern, if still a bit shy of the standard.

    And as far as button layout, the entire thing is also customizable

    As far as game design goes, I could see recognizing how the game has aged. But as far as the story and performances go, I think this is top notch

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