GTA 6 DLC Plan Sounds Great… If It's True | GameSpot News

GTA 6 could be heading back to single-player DLC and Diablo 4 is promising it won’t be pay-to-win.

Known GTA tipster Tez2 shared new rumors in a post on GTAForums in response to a comment about the reports of the world of GTA 6 “expanding over…

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  1. Not a chance we'll see Rockstar return to the days of GTA 4. I'd say pin your hopes on Saints row for that experience. GTA 5 was meant to have Single player DLC didn't. Loved Red Dead 2 but that had its single player DLC canned so no undead nightmare 2. The chances are GTA 6 will have a beautiful trailer, Play Great then they'll add Online 2.0 in it. Add hover bikes and some celebs and jump the sharkcard again.

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