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Cult of the Lamb Review – Animal Crossing Meets Hellish Roguelike

Devolver Digital is at it again. Cult of the Lamb’s premise is simple – you’re a lamb sacrificed to four gods. However, upon death, you discover a fifth god, one the others locked away. They grant you a second lease on life; all you need to…

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  2. someone please help me 🥺
    i just started yesterday
    one of my 3 followers is now spreading rumor, how to deal with it?
    i tried to re-educate him, feed him…
    nothing is working
    faith meter is almost 0

  3. How do you have so many followers in your temple? I never shown any more than 5. I even had a side quest were a follower wanted me to sacrifice them but they literally didn't appear in the menu to choose them. It would only show those currently in the temple at the time which was like I said about 5 of the 13 I had. I couldn't tell if I was missing something or if my game glitched. I also had a time where I called someone to the confession booth but they never showed up and I was left waiting for them. I had to exit and boot up the game again to leave the booth.

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