Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Could Be Nintendo’s Biggest Game Yet

Xenoblade Chronicles is back and it’s bigger than ever. We got a hands-on preview of the opening chapter of Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

Xenoblade Chronicles’ impressive scale has always been a selling point for the series. Nintendo’s…

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  1. yknow what, if you wanna call taion discount joker, then just stop reviewing jrpgs that are not specifically persona. that game is over 6 years old, is way overrated, and believe it or not, joker did not invent the wolf cut.

  2. Can someone tell me point blank if the game is seamless open world or has loading screens? Im not talking about unlocking new areas with cutscenes or whatever. Thats fine. After unlocking the zone, can I move to all the previous areas on foot without loading screens. If that is the case, then It is going to be game changer for me 🙂

  3. 1:22 These jargons aren't a fantasy jrpg exclusive thing tho?? It's something from science fiction and high fantasy??? If a "newcomer" doesn't have tolerance for this type of thing then maybe they shouldn't be playing, reading or watching any type of speculative fiction

  4. >Claims Xenoblade 3 has low framerate
    Oh no, that's gotta be bad
    >There were no frame drops so far/very consistent
    Then… consistently low framerate?
    >We don't have the tech to test this but it seemed to be 30 just like DE and 2

    If it's a consistent 30, that's not actually "low" just average. I honestly feel like you wanted to comment on this because you knew it was a point of sale for certain types of people, but you didn't actually know enough about the subject to actually say anything that made sense.
    What I gathered from this so far is that the game holds up well and there's been no framerate issues so far. That's all you had to say.
    Saying "It's definitely not 60" would've been fine to say, however rarely any games of this type run above 30 unless they're on PC, even on higher end consoles.

  5. No offence but you don’t need digital foundry tool’s to see the game clearly runs at 30fps. The resolution does look disappointingly low though

  6. FINALLY! Someone mentioned Xenoblade X even when the story doesn't connect in some way to the other two.

    I expected other content creators to include X when they talked about Xenoblade 3, but only 1 and 2 are mentioned. It took a big publication to let X shine a bit. Cause the class system in the series and navigation trail feature was from X. Thank you! Some recognition.

  7. Does it still take forever to defeat enemies? They had too much HP in Xenoblade chronicles 2 to the point that it was just terribly frustrating to me.

  8. Hm.
    Party member in the first chapter who has not been mentioned in any of the pre-release media.
    Yeah, he's not going to die early on only to come back in an antagonistic role at a later point or anything like that. Not a shot.

  9. If this game was 1080p 60fps, I would no doubt buy it at launch. As it is I'm on the fence, leaning towards waiting for a sale. Ever since I got my PS5 on a 4k TV graphics have mattered more to me 😅

  10. 07:18 "but the low framerate and resolution took some time getting used to.. but considering xbde and xb2 are 30fps.. and its stable for xb3"

    I don't get why this was even mentioned as something of concern, especially when you already know xbde and xb2 are 720p 30fps games.. xb3 won't be that much different. They are all fine at those settings (in docked). And I'm hearing handheld looks much better than previous xb games.

  11. GameSpot, between XC 3, and Lego Star Wars: Skywalker Saga that came out this April, which one do you think ought to be given the title of GOTY for 2022? And if you had to decide, which Switch games thus far would you say are the Top 5 ? I would say these are my selections……………….
    > Breath Of The Wild
    > Lego Star Wars: Skywalker Saga
    > Super Mario Odyssey
    > Shin Magami Tensei V
    > *Xenoblade Chronicles 3*

    However though, just wait until Genshin Impact is available for the Switch as I'm waiting for that one especially.

  12. I highly doubt it will be Nintendo‘s biggest game. First off it’s not in tendo first party. Second off the switch it’s self has had games like Skyrim and the Witcher three. Not to mention breath of the wild. Very nice try to overhyped a decent looking game at best.

  13. Monolith Soft deserves all the praise it can get. On the technical side for instance, while other Nintendo franchises with much higher sales projection have been delivering subpar projects in relation to the switch capabilities (cough cough, pokemon, cough), Monolith Soft, even with smaller resources and sales projection, manages to make games that greatly surpasses other switch titles, and overshadows other JRPGs (that became hallways fests rather than delivering beautiful worlds to explore, right FF7R?). With Xenoblade 3 they took the switch to its absolute limits, in between the scale and detail of the world, detailed character models and monster (considerably more monster variety than Zelda BOTW), up to seven characters in real time plus all enemies and tons of particles and yet running great (Zelda on the other hand had the infamous Kakaruki village, lost woods, or lauching a enemy after freezing, really). And apparently, they found the same good balance between visuals and battery duration for portable mode as Dragon Quest 11S did. Battery life is super important when undocked, we can ask the steamdeck and its super short 2 hours life about that hehe. But yeah, more than that and it would not be a switch game anymore, and I doubt Zelda BOTW 2 will surpass this level of ambition unless a new switch model arrives.

  14. I think it is a smart decision they did to teach bit by bit because soon enough the complexity is going to grow exponentially!! That is why it is better to add mechanics bit by bit like they do, otherwise it could scare a few XD. But the options menu has features to allow skip notification and customize many Other things, I heard. They really have the best combat system of modern JRPGs, a perfect blend of action and turn based.

  15. I saw that the game options has several useful features for us to customize many aspects of the games presentation to our liking, like elements of the battle UI, notification and tutorials on/off, navigation on/off, voices/music level, special attacks camera animation on/off, and many many more. Super worth paying a visit there and playing around, especially if one thinks the screen is to busy during battle (but makes total sense everything is on as the standard).

  16. None of the characters appearance hooks me quite like xenoblade 2.

    Hope I feel for them like I did in the previous game. Those characters were unmatched

  17. Can't wait for those 6/10 reviews claiming "Duh, the game is way to lame at the start and I won't play 30 hours just to get to the fun mechanics. But the graphics are kinda nice, so 6/10"

  18. Is it is wierd that I really liked Alcamoth and the final part of Prison Island? Tbh, besides the views in secret areas, I idk XC2 beats Xc1 in the outdoors and DE has better indoor design.

  19. Well everything’s probably better in this game then 2 cause they didn’t have a skeleton crew like then cause half the xenoblade team was working on botw

  20. From mixed bath scenes to down right promoting polygamy. How repulsive can this game get. At least it not as bad as the fan service in XC2. What a mess, this series needs to end especially with all the occult symbols…

    Such a shameless series of revolting games…

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