Warframe The Duviri Paradox Gameplay Demo

Check out the opening mission for the Duviri Paradox coming to Warframe in the Winter of 2022. This was showcased during Tennolive 2022.

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  1. I might actually re-install the game for this. Which, honestly, wasn't something I expected to say. I don't know if I like the black and white thing tho.. it's fine for a bit but looking at a mostly black and white scenery for a few hours gets really dull. Especially since I think the world would looks gorgeous in full color. The art of Warframe has always been one of its biggest strengths and I don't know if b&w does it justice.

  2. Someone please explain me what this is. I've played warframe before, not a lot but still…it was a fun mission and hub based game.
    I don't understand what this is tho is this an stamdalone expansion with just story elements like a normal rpg without warframe grind? Or is this another game set in warframe universe like apex in titanfall. Or is this like a game mode? Like mercenaries in resident evil?

  3. I'll probably play it for whatever it unlocks and the lore but the idea of crowbarring in a new character separate from everything else at this point seems like more of a distraction than a revolution tbh

  4. If we treat the man in the wall the same as man in the mirror(or something like that).
    The drifter finally take the hand offered by wally.

  5. As long as we get to keep the Teshin dual Nikana blades. Then I am ok with all of this. Because dual Nikana have been what I have wanted from the start.

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