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The Callisto Protocol: Glen Schofield On The Game's Origin + Exclusive Gameplay

Glen Schofield is back with The Callisto Protocol, but how did the game come about? Join us as we sit down with the horror master himself to learn about the title’s origins and show off a little new gameplay as well!

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  1. I am a fan of the dead space game and have been waiting for a sequel for a very long time, but the ea game company destroyed this wonderful series. Thanks to talented developers, she is alive again and it's great. waiting for release)

  2. These gameplay clips are amazing and show so far how polished and well done is the combat system, they really made an amazing mix between close range combat mechanics and shooting, and the animations are on point.

  3. This game is going to sell so well, I hope the devs know that it will definitely surpass what they think it's going to sell

  4. I am telling you all this game on relese will explode in horror world
    Pre order is aa MUST?
    Can't wait poz from BALKAN ✌️

  5. Can't wait to start my journey through the Black Iron Prison! Thank you Game Informer and Glen for this… my GOTY!

  6. Love to see him talk about games and the new footage was solid. hoping they can smooth out the fps before the release.

  7. This game is sold good enough already , no doubt. I beleive it will reach 5 million copies in 6 months after release, just look at RE2 Remake numbers. I'm afraid EA Motive has to delay Dead Space Remake and add much more new content than they planned before. It's impossible to compete with this and RE4 Remake at short distance.

  8. The atmosphere looks incredible and so uncomfortable which is awesome. and it seems the gameplay improves more and more. I’m So excited to play this and I hope this will be a very successful game.

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