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Stray Review, Live A Live, And Game Informer Updates | GI Show

In this episode of The Game Informer Show, Alex Van Aken takes over as host following Alex Stadnik’s departure last week, and Jill Grodt leaves Game Informer of her own will following the recent layoffs of our staff. In a surprising turn,…

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  1. Reiner's review sold my on Live A Live, and the Saints Row video got me back on board there.

    Good luck, Jill, I really appreciated her soft-spoken nature. Always fun to listen to.

  2. The podcast is one of the few things keeping people connected to GI. Lowering production value is going to only do harm overall. I hope you get back to video soon and GI makes this show a bigger priority.

  3. Wishing you the best Jill! Welcome back Wes! This is such a tumultuous time for you all at GI. Please take care and continue being the best content creators on the planet! Don't let the floating heads take you down!

  4. This is getting tiring honestly. Wtf is happening to GI? What's the point of supporting something that's going through extreme changes? You're all great people and I wish you the best but get out of there! Your company is like a house of cards, you need something more stable. The ship is sinking, find a lifeboat and get out! The fact that Jill has to leave for them to hire Wes back, that's a HUGE red flag.

    Jill best of luck! You were great to listen too.

  5. Sending you and the team loads of good vibes and support. Looking forward to what you and the team do next, and I'm happy to champion and support your content. Sad to hear Jill is leaving, she's been awesome! Super happy for Wes to have him back, his articles are great plus he's always very insightful on the podcast. Big love to you Alex (and the rest of the crew) for the solo hosting, you're going to do great.

  6. This episode is a huge step backwards, but I understand why its' happening. Wishing the best for the GI crew, how do I subscribe to the magazine directly instead of through that abysmal company?

  7. Pack up this podcast, it's over. Sorry to the staff, but it's plain as day. Will always remember the good times but those were years ago at this point.

  8. This is a lot . . . It’s really a lot, like wow I don’t even know how to feel anymore it’s just too much. I loved Jill and always loved their insight. I am glad Wes I back and I hope they are ok.

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