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Stray Review – A Game About Being A Cat

Stray is, more than anything, a charming game. Its gimmick – you are a cat, do cat things – never gets old; I constantly found it clever for the few hours it took to complete. But more than gimmicks, exploring a world this dense and detailed…

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  1. I watched someone play this and I fell asleep. That's not necessarily a dig at the game. I personally found it boring and the "be a cat" gimmick… Well, I'm not a cat person.

  2. Not a bad game but it is only an 8 if you have your expectations in check going in. There aren't really any gameplay elements at all unless you count the "puzzles" and very few "run from the bugs" sections. It's a walking simulator. You can't even count platforming since you essentially warp from ledge to ledge and can't fall off. Not a bad game at all, but I can understand if people were expecting something more along the lines of a platformer.

  3. @2:03 4 hour run time IF you play like a human. Take your time, Explore!, Take a cat Nap, Scratch a couch. I'm just shy of 6 hours in and only 55% complete 😉

  4. This review is just right. The highlight for me was how dense and beautiful the world is, but man, did they get the way a cat moves, and feels just right. The way the cat lands from a jump in particular, was just like my beloved orange Tabby, who looks very much like the cat in Stray.

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